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Acque S.p.A.

Corporate Video
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The Project

Rosso Productions has already been involved in projects regarding water and freshwater, but this time it was different. This time it was about telling the story from the perspective of the ones that manage and distribute the resource and doing it with an entertaining and meaningful corporate video.

The Challenge

“Give our company a human face, make the public see what we actually do”. That was our starting point. Acque S.p.A. is a vast and diverse company, with 900+ workers spread in a very large area. It makes everything in-house, from engineering products to constructions, it’s operative 24/7 and controls and safeguards the most precious resource on the planet. Telling its story wasn’t straightforward but it was fascinating.

  • Scriptwriting and Storyboarding 85% 85%
  • Site Inspection 80% 80%
  • Visual Graphics 70% 70%
  • Camera Work 80% 80%
  • Soundtrack 85% 85%
  • Post-Production 90% 90%

The Client

Acque S.p.A. is the main water utility company in Tuscany. It employs more than 900 workers in many different sectors and has won for two years in a row the award as best utility company in Italy.

Key Assets


Location Scouting and Scriptwriting

Scouting for locations has been a tremendous job, we have been everywhere Acque S.p.A. works and in the end we decided to use 20 of the most important locations. Then a comprehensive script and storyboard were developed.


Original Soundtrack

We at Rosso Productions like to put that extra effort into every project and we tend to do everything in-house so it was decided to team-up again with a talented composer, Davide Cecchi, and produce the video and the music simultaneously so that they could blend together perfectly. Click here to check out some of Davide’s works.


We were glad of the opportunity to work with a fantastic communication and managerial team from Acque S.p.A. but also with all the workers that participated in the video who were so willing and cheerful with us throughout the production phase. If you have a great team, anything is at hand.

Sunset and moon rise as seen from Acque S.p.A. headquarters.

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