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Social Media, Outreach, Trailers and Concept Development
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The Project

Drone GP is a mobile app game developed by FrozenPepper, one of the leaders in the world when it comes to advanced flight simulations. Drone GP is the ultimate racing experience introducing the world to a completely new genre: drone racing.

The Challenge

Drone GP immediately caught our attention for it’s bold envisioning of the future of racing sports. It is an adrenaline packed video-game but it is also the first video-game of its kind, depicting what it is a global phenomenon that in the years to come will probably be seen as the next racing sport. Rosso Productions produced two videos while also developing the visual identity, social media platforms and public relations for the launch of the app.

  • Video Production 80% 80%
  • Social Media 85% 85%
  • Visual Identity 70% 70%
  • Graphic Design 70% 70%
  • Concept Development 100% 100%

The Client

FrozenPepper was founded in 2008 just after the AppStore announcement. Among the first Italian companies to publish on it, FrozenPepper has grown to be the leader in mobile RC simulation especially thanks to the huge success of RC Plane 2 with over 10 million users worldwide.

Key Assets

Social Media Management

Rosso Productions developed and implemented the social media strategy to boost sales and create engagement over the new game.


Press and Public Relations

Managing PR, press releases and contacts can be quite cumbersome especially when you are launching a new project or product, thats why you need someone who’s always reliable and knows what it’s doing. We speak and write 4 different languages fluently, there’s no task hard enough for us!

Video Capture and Editing

Whether is capturing a live video feed of an online race or shooting industry standard quality 3d games footage, the result is the same: outstanding.

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